Downer Succubus is Horny All Year Round

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Key Points

This cute succubus just can't help but be horny and wet all year round.
She's super sweet, happy, and cute as she feasts on your penis~
No matter how much cum you give her, she just keeps going...!

A lovey audio work for those who want to get cum-squeezed by a cute succubus!


Downer Succubus is Horny All Year Round [Anthurium]

CV: Hiyori Misaki

A succubus you took into your care after misinterpreting her overloaded horniness as an illness.
She loves to nibble. Whether it's your fingers, or your dick...
She does plenty of play-biting during sex too. Watch your ears!

Track List

A binaural audio product. Headphones or earphones recommended.
WAV / MP3 format

★01_目覚ましは発情吐息 (07:10)

★02_主食はニンジン。デザートは指はむ (08:12)

★03_おちんぽっ! (11:42)

★04_耳舐めるっ! (15:00)

★05_唾液ちょうだいっ! (08:06)

★06_もっとおちんぽっ! (07:17)

★07_精液ほしいっ! (09:38)

★08_もっと精液ほしいっ! (12:12)

★09_いとしのダウナーサキュバスちゃん (07:56)

★EX_あたし、頑張ったんだよ (06:11)
☆御崎ひより様フリートーク同梱♪ (15:06)

Contains fellatio, cum-swallowing, ear-licking, French-kissing, creampie sex, sleeping together, etc.

SFX OFF versions included for tracks 7 & 8
Jacket illustration included

Total playback time: 1:33:28 (main) / 1:48:34 (free talk included)


CV: Hiyori Misaki ( )
Illustration: Tomorrow ( )

Planning / Script / Editing: Azami (Anthurium)