Demi-human Call Girls (Foley Sound)

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[Tegurayuki's Premium Foley Sound]
We've spared no expense when it comes to materials, editing, or recording, all to bring you the highest-quality audio experience ever!

This is the pinnacle of our 3+ years of work in the genre, allowing us to bring you the most intense, most interesting, and most fappable audio out there!

You discover a call girl service home to demi-humans like succubi, elves, and vampires.
And those girls require semen for nourishment, so you know they're going to do their best for human males!
Enjoy one on one and 4-way play!

See what true otherworldly pleasure is like with the help of otherworldly women!
You may never be able to go back to regular girls!

Vampire (CV: Tsubame Yuzuki)
Succubus (CV: Kaede Akino)
Elf (CV: Narumi Aisaka)

Production / Effects: tegurayuki
Performance: Tsubame Yuzuki / Kaede Akino / Narumi Aisaka
Illustration: Yuka
SFX / Foley: tegurayuki

Demi-human Call Girls (Foley Sound) [tegurayuki]

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